I have known my friend Jillian DeWald for a long time now. You may remember her from an earlier post this year, for my “Small Business Spotlight” that I love to do on Fridays. She is a very encouraging woman and so she told me about her 7 day bootcamp for blended families. Today, she posted a video about how to keep her spiritual life in check. These days there are quite a few blended families, so it’s important to be a Godly example and showcase Christ’s love for others. So I am really excited to share this information with you. Here are the topics she is going to be showcasing in her group:

Day #1: Struggles that we face with insecurities

Day #2: Making time for Jesus

Day #3: Resentment, and how it affects your marriage

Day #4: How to learn about the “Best Yes!” (lessons in over-committing)

Day #5: Surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals

Day #6: Healthy Recipes

Day #7: Mental, Emotional, and Physical Transformation. Take time for YOU!

I am not in a blended family, nor am I a step mom but I do love the encouragement that Jillian gives in each of her videos. I am so thankful that for step-moms out there that there is a place for them to love on each other, encourage each other, and be there for each other. I’m sure it isn’t easy to be a step-mom. If you are a step-mom or possibly a soon-to-be step mom I highly encourage you to be part of this community. It’s a great way to be encouraged, loved, and supported by other moms who are in the same situation as you. I hope that you will be encouraged and walk away feeling refreshed.

So many times in our lives, we feel like we are the ONLY people in our specific situation. We are the ONLY people who deal with these struggles. But guess what, that is so far from the truth. There are others who go through the same struggles as you, there are others who know what you are going through, and it’s so encouraging to be able to speak about our struggles out loud with like-minded individuals.

If you are wanting to join this Facebook Group it is called Healthy Blended Families

Thank you all for being such amazing readers and I hope that this group touches your life! <3

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