Sprinkling Joy this Holiday Season

Sprinkling Joy

349 days, 6 hours, and 40 minutes is the amount of time it took me to finally find “The One.” “The One” I am referring to, is “The One” whom God chose me to bless or also known as sprinkling joy to someone. For the past 349 days I have prayed, thought, and cautiously moved forward in blessing someone special. I knew the Holy Spirit would direct and guide me and let me know who I was to bless. But first..a little backstory

Backstory time…

Sprinkling Joy, $5, blessing others, 5 dollars, five dollars

Grab some popcorn and hot tea and get ready for this back story! On December 13, 2016 I was at a homeschool co-op. I loved participating in co-op and being part of the group. Let me tell you, there was no drama here and a whole lot of love! That seems to be very rare these days. Anyways, this was the annual Christmas party that was to be held that year. Prior to that though (as with every co-op meeting) the pastor would say a few words and pray before heading to our respective rooms. This particular day he had talked about giving and blessing others. He then handed out $5 bills to every family at the church and challenged them to bless someone with it. You can imagine all the excitement and thoughts that went through my mind. I couldn’t wait to bless someone with it.

But I didn’t want it to be just anybody…

The Temptation…

Temptation…oh the sin of temptation is so great some days. This party was at a time when I was in a very hard place financially. It was tempting to keep the $5 for myself or use it for food. I kept hearing others say “It’s okay, you can use it for yourself.” But I rebuked those thoughts and kept it in a safe place. It stayed in that same place during turmoil and terror that ensued the following weeks. I never once touched it or thought about touching it. It was safe. It was for someone special. Someone who I wasn’t sure who it would be quite yet. But I would make sure they would be blessed.

Missed Opportunities

How many times do we kick ourselves for missed opportunities? I was so close to blessing someone with the $5 but he left the area too quick for me to catch up to him. I felt so bad. Then, I had another friend that I kept forgetting to give it to. But it just didn’t seem like the right person. I argued with myself stating that this was the person who I was supposed to give the money to. But I kept forgetting and my thoughts were “keep saving it.” So I wouldn’t call those badly missed opportunities because I did show some love to those at the time it just wasn’t this $5.

The Friend backstory

Now that you know the background story of the $5 bill. You must know this friend background story as to whom I gave the $5 to. We met back in 2010-2011 (somewhere around that time frame) and I knew we would totally be best friends. She moved away and we lost contact but I always thought about her. I always wondered what she was up to, how her life was, and everything about her. I wanted so badly to connect with her again as we always had great talks! A few months ago I saw she was back in the area. I was excited to see her again and talk to her. We exchanged contact information so we could stay in contact. This was definitely on my top ten lists for the year stories! It was incredible to be reunited after all these years.

Sprinkling joy to friends

Sprinkling joy, Spreading a little laughter, Send a little love in their hearts. Doesn’t it make you feel good when you spread love, joy, hope, and laughter to your friends? I know I love blessing others especially my friends. Sometimes that is buying them a Starbucks drink or bringing them Chick-Fil-A when they are having a bad day. Sprinkling Joy can be as easy as giving someone a hug, texting a friend, or calling said friend if they are having a rough day. It doesn’t have to cost anything or it can cost as much as you want it to. It’s the thought that counts not necessarily the materialistic amount of the gift.

realizing who to bless

Blessing others through sprinkling joy

I was at a restaurant one afternoon with my family. It was the most relaxing and fun time I have ever had a restaurant. I reached in my wallet to leave a tip for our fabulous waitress. Then it hit me out of the blue. This waitress (who was also my amazing friend) was whom I was to bless. It may have taken me 348 days to figure it out. But I couldn’t wait to give it to her. So I sent her a text message that night and she was free the next day.

Being a friend

Sometimes you can be a friend to someone who is hurting. But sometimes they just need someone who has gone through what they are going through. The holidays can be difficult for someone who is alone or is going through a rough time. I know last year was very hard on me. Thankfully, I had amazing friends and still do have amazing friends that help me get through the holidays. Even the loss of a loved one can be rough during the holidays. I know many friends who are dealing with that. Be a friend to others, let them know that you are there for them. Lend them a hand if they are in need but most of all love them.

THe Reveal

So, I was insanely anxious for my friend to come over. I kept checking the clock and in excitement extremely ready to bless her. Finally, she texted that she was on the way and I was so excited.

I’m more excited than a kid on Christmas morning who has entirely too many gifts.

Yes, I was that excited to bless someone. But not just anyone though it was one of my good friends.  Since it was a beautiful day outside, we had the kiddos play outside. While we talked and caught up on our lives. I then told her the same story from earlier, gave her the back story about the $5. Prior to her coming over and prayed over that $5 that it would bless her tremendously. I also prayed for it to bless her later on in the day as well.

a giving heart

Sprinkling Joy, gift, blessing others

“Your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.” ~Matthew 6:4

I contemplated writing this blog post. I didn’t want this to come across as a “Look what I did and give me all the glory” blog post. No, this blog post was to show you the story of how this $5 bill from co-op one day had a long journey before it came upon it’s rightful owner. A lot of friends blessed me over the past year. I have so badly wanted to repay them. The only repayment I could afford was a thank you and a hug. The best way is to bless others just like how you are blessed. I have even been blessed recently.

A dear friend paid for our dinner (totally in secret, that’s for sure) and you have no idea how much of a huge blessing that was. I really wanted this story to be told that if someone says “bless others” that you really put thought into it. Give them something that they could really use, even if it’s just a hug or paying for their meal. Don’t go around telling the world how you bless people. Bless people without the attention and telling others. Like I mentioned earlier, I really debated about blogging about this story, but I think it should be told. There are many hurting this holiday season and I know what that feels like……

Blessing others by sprinkling joy

Anytime you are able to bless someone, sprinkle some joy into their life. Do what you can to bless them. Leave an extra tip for the waitress who may be working multiple jobs. Bless the single mom who may not have enough money for clothes for her kids or Christmas presents. If someone seems upset or sad give them a hug. Just being there for someone in need is the greatest blessing of all. Go out and keep sprinkling joy to those around you…

QOTD: How are you planning to go around sprinkling joy to others? 


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