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Healthy Dreams…. 

I’m a daughter, wife, mom, grandmother (“Memaw” to be precise), teacher, and entrepreneur. I love the life I have been blessed with! My name is Sondra Hulette, and I am currently a stay-at-home grandmother homeschooling one of my six grandchildren. We have a crazy, busy schedule between co-op, playdates, mentoring, teaching Bible studies and sharing health and happiness with everyone I know. But that wasn’t me 16 months ago.

As a grandmother and an empty-nester my husband and I were worn out! We weren’t doing badly, but I had lost my dreams. I felt like this was what we had, this was where we were, and this was all we had to look forward to.  My type-A personality meant setting goals, and I was always striving for the next level – looking to the next adventure. At 33 I went back to college to earn a degree in marketing. That morphed into 13 years teaching at a private Christian school as well as working a second job in the afternoon using my marketing skills. The students kept me young, and I was always ready to take on a new challenge.

In 2010 we were awarded guardianship of our granddaughter and life changed drastically. She was a happy little sweetheart but had some medical issues that needed to be attended to: a hearing loss in her right ear and extra little pinky toe that had to be surgically removed. She also had three bouts with pneumonia with each ending up in a three to five day hospital stays before she was 6 years old. The doctor finally determined asthma was the culprit causing the pneumonia. I was happy to attend to her needs, but slowly I was growing tired and run down. Sleepless night had taken their toll. I had given up on dreaming any more for myself. It felt as if what we had was as good as it was going to get. Honestly I felt stuck!


At a time when I didn’t know what I needed, God did. He sent a friend my way that I hadn’t connected with in years.   She knew my granddaughter had been suffering with tummy issues as well (constipation to be exact) and wanted me to try some of her probiotics. I figured, “why not!” I had tried everything else. Over the counter stuff and doctor prescribed doses of medications to no avail.   After looking at the website she sent me I thought, “Why order when I can just purchase locally?” So I decided to try the health food store first. What I purchased worked a little while, but then stopped helping. Back to the drawing board!

I decided to contact my friend again and try the products she was recommending. I, myself, was sick and tired of being sick and tired and needed something too. I needed more energy to keep up with this active little girl, and I was desperate to help her be regular! Skeptical, thinking that this was going to be yet another let down, I tried it anyway…for the both of us. To my amazement in as little as three days into taking the products I had energy again. My moods were lifted!

I remember waking up one morning and recalling a dream I had had during the night. It had been years since I had dreamed! I hadn’t realized just how poor my sleep was until I started getting good sleep again. I had refused to take sleep aids in the past, and my health was taking a beating from the loss of sleep. I now have a newfound love relationship with my pillow, and I wake up in the mornings refreshed and ready to start my day! I have energy to keep up with our busy lifestyle and I’m loving life again!

And my granddaughter? Well, turns out that that 80% of our immune system lies within our gut health. Not only has her stomach problems gone away, so has her asthma! Prior to getting her gut healthy she was on two different inhalers twice a day and daily antihistamines. When necessary we added to that regimen rounds of antibiotics and steroids. I’m elated to say that as of today she has been symptom free for over a year. She no longer takes those nasty, chemical inhalers and is thriving! Victory! Help when I needed it most!

So now I’m not only dreaming in my sleep every night, I’m dreaming during the daytime too. I’ve started setting new goals for myself, stretching to attain new heights in business, seeing a bright future ahead. I’m loving life again!

I am passionate about what these products can do. They have changed my life so drastically that I joined the business with my friend and am happily working again. For the first time in my life I am my own boss. I love sharing my story and helping others become healthy and happy again all because of a company call Plexus Worldwide. God has used this business to open up doors to help others in so many ways by pouring into other lives personally, financially, spiritually, and physically. I’ve met so many wonderful people and grown so much myself. In our company we say so often, “This is so much more than just a pink drink.” And it is!

WHAT IF…What If….you actually looked forward to each day? You CAN.
What if…you were able to quit your full time career to be a present mom/dad plus still be building an international business! You CAN.
What if…you could match your husband/wife’s income to allow them the opportunity to be a present parent? You CAN
What if…you could finally take the family vacation you’ve been dreaming of taking? You CAN.
What if…you could surround yourself with visionary friends that encourage YOU to DREAM BIGGER? You CAN.
What if…your debt could be eliminated by NOT having to take out another loan? It CAN.
What if…you could have a date night AND pay the babysitter without having to fret about the money coming out of the family budget? You CAN.
This list could go on and on. I KNOW that YOU CAN because these of just SOME of the stories from men and women on our amazing team in Plexus that stepped out in FAITH, BELIEVED that they could and they DID.
What if…YOU could have the VERY thing you are dreaming of come to fruition?  Live life to the fullest!





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