Running around….the Christmas Tree?

Thanksgiving Table setting

After Halloween it seems the craziness of the holidays is upon us. We all start to get ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas during November. Christmas parties have already started to fill up our calendars and it seems exhaustion comes before any of the festivities take place. We just run around all throughout the holidays. It’s as if we are running around the Christmas Tree instead of being present in the moment.


Thanksgiving is tomorrow and it seems as if we all sit around a table and talk about what we are thankful to have in our lives. There is much to be thankful for in my own life.  We are grateful for those people who are in our lives as wonderful friends and family. We are grateful for all of our luxuries in life and those who pour in their love around us. It seems on a day that we are so thankful for that we would also understand the thankfulness of the word “No.”

Thankful for the word “no”

Saying “no” to commitments during the holidays is something that troubles many. It’s hard (especially when you have a servant’s heart) to say that word….NO! I am pretty sure that is not in my vocabulary, I only know “Yes” and “How may I help?” But the reality is being spread so thin out during the holidays can make you run around the Christmas tree but never fully enjoy the moments.

Thankful and then…

This is a problem we have in our materialistic society. We gather around the table at Thanksgiving and talk about everything we are thankful for. Nowadays, you hit the stores up on Thanksgiving Day prior to Black Friday. For what reason? To be thankful and then fight over the last toy hit of the season? Coach Bag that’s on sale? I am pretty sure that is the opposite of being fulfilled with gratefulness and content. Being content with what you have and who you are around. Always remember to thank those in your life that mean so much to you.

Running around the Christmas tree….

So there is this crazy thing of running everywhere at Christmastime. There are Christmas parties for work, school, family, friends, and even with the kid’s activities. It seems we spend more time running around to various events than actually spending time with family and friends around the Christmas tree. Ever realize that the holidays seem more exhausting rather than making fun memories? What do you remember most as a child? Running around to various holiday parties? Or enjoying family traditions together and enjoying each other’s company? There’s a difference between showcasing your presents to the gift receivers and being present in their lives.

And I was running and running….until I couldn’t run anymore

During the holidays we tend to get so caught up running around that we forget to embrace those around us. So stop this holiday season, and breathe. Cut back on the outside commitments, go out to eat instead of cooking, and just enjoy your family. Go to a theme park, picnic, build a snowman (we don’t get many chances to do that here in Florida though!), and spend time with those whom you love. These moments you won’t get back and soon life will pass you by.

Don’t keep running around and neglecting your family this holiday season. Embrace, drink hot chocolate, drive around seeing Christmas lights, make sugar cookies, and invite friends over for a family friendly game night. Most of all love your family and hold them tight. You never know what the following year will hold.

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