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A Night to Shine

I am really excited about my fundraiser for Night to Shine (Tim Tebow Foundation)! It is really exciting to be part of a wonderful organization who gives back to their community. Not only that, but it is such an honor to be able to help with this 5k. I have learned a lot about “life” through doing this 5k. I have learned that even after people may decline or reject your sponsorship offers that it’s okay. Just pick yourself back up and keep on going. Keep moving forward and pressing on as it’s okay if you don’t succeed the first time, you just try again.

Also, what has been a learning curve is that a 5k doesn’t just consist of finding a race timing company and finding a place to run. It’s a lot more than that! Luckily, an organization (non-profit) I was working with last year we had contemplated doing a 5k. So, I started to research information about coordinating a 5k. I think that research really helped boost me so that I wasn’t going into this blindsided. Although, after working it so far I didn’t realize how much my lack of knowledge was.

I run 5k’s I don’t run (coordinate) 5k’s prior to this. But I have really enjoyed coordinating!

This is just a small 5k compared to larger 5k’s like IOA’s 5k or the runDisney races. I can’t even imagine how much work goes into the runDisney races! That is overwhelming to even think about! I know how much work it is just for this Night to Shine 5k, with obtaining sponsors, advertising for runners, etc. It’s a lot of work to put together a race, but it’s been educating and exciting.

The best part about coordinating is that it has really given me new skills. I feel that the theme of this year has been learning new skill sets. I have gone out completely on faith with new opportunities and having no idea what I am getting myself into. But so far, it has been excellent! I am excited that all of the new skills I have learned thus far, have really come together and made me a better person. I have had to get over things that I was once anxious about.

The biggest thing I have learned is to rely solely on the faith of God to bring it all together. I was a lost sheep at the beginning of this back in March/April. As in, a loner lost sheep, who was so far from home she didn’t know where she was going or how to get on the right path. But I prayed (and I still do pray) each and every day for this to come together. I know what God has called me to, he will see me through it. Therefore, even on days when I may call my friend in tears after having a rough day with work or feeling down that things aren’t coming together for the 5k the way I would like it to. She reminds me that it will come together. I am reminded by God’s word and through prayer along with through my friend that it will come together. I know that when the day of this 5k comes, I will be shouting glory to God on most high. He is the one who put this 5k together, ultimately.

We do ask that you continue to be in prayer for us for the 5k over the coming months. Pray that we are able to obtain our sponsorships, runners, and that everything will come through. I know that everything came perfectly together at Night to Shine this past year at our church, and it was a huge success. How was it a success? Because people worked hard, prayed, and had faith God would see it through.

We do hope to see you sign up for the Night to Shine 5k as we also have a virtual option for those who don’t live in the area! If you want to sign up go to for more information. Or if you want to register now, click here

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