Life Changes

This year has been probably one of the hardest I have had to endure. Going from married to single in a matter of months was no easy task. Add in the mix going from being a part-time working (stay at home) mom to having to juggle multiple jobs just to make ends meet (which sometimes isn’t even enough). Thankfully I have great and supportive parents but I see so many others who struggle and do not have a supportive family.

After staying at home (9 years) and doing real estate part time for 7 years it’s hard to be able to find a job that works for me, skill sets, and my schedule. So this shall be quite the journey that’s for sure. This year already has been interesting trying to find the right job. On top of that, I am still homeschooling and obviously I haven’t been keeping up with this blog since I haven’t posted in quite a while.

To keep myself distracted from all the negativity in my life I was focusing in on doing a fundraiser for Tim Tebow Foundation’s Night to Shine event. That has done a good job at distracting me and keeping my mind busy. But it’s also been a new experience and another thing on my plate. It’s exhausting trying to juggle work, life, school, and volunteering. I miss the luxury of having time to myself. Sure, I’ve gone out with friends here and there to my favorite local places. But alone time just isn’t on my timeline.

It’s easy to doubt myself and my abilities. Am I a good enough real estate agent? Am I a good enough mom? Could I do everything better? My self-doubt talk kicks in and negative feelings seem to arise. There are so many unanswered questions that cause confusion in my life. I don’t know which way to go. Should I continue with certain career paths? Should I switch my career? Go back and achieve my Masters degree? I am feeling left with wondering why or what I should be doing with my life. I am at a fork in the road career wise and not sure which way to go.

Life keeps on changing on me. I had to sell my first house that I bought and that was rough. I am so happy for the family that bought it, but at the same time I really loved my house. I just keep on praying and thinking that God has something better in store for me. It’s just hard to see what exactly he has planned at the moment. It feels like I’m walking in a fog but I know things will get better I just have to trust him.

Anxiety is aggravating and it’s hard to cope with sometimes. But I am a fighter and a warrior so I will survive. This storm may have seemed like a category 5 hurricane but the calm will be felt after it has passed. I feel that it is finally passing over now and that the calm will be here soon. Everyone goes through storms in their lives, relationships, and work. It’s just the way life is. But how you deal with the storm can make you or break you. The storm I went through  pretty much causes the majority of people (who have been in my shoes) a lot of stress and anxiety. I had to cope dealing with stressors and not let them bother me. It’s a process but once I get into the swing of things I’ll be okay. I’m almost to that point it just takes time.

Life changes and it’s how we cope with change that creates our character. How will we cope with the change….

Forget Everything and Run


Face Everything and Rise

Selling a house, moving, job, relationships, family, and all change is and will be scary. But how will you deal with the change? How will you fit what you know is comfortable into your life? Do you embrace the change? Or do you run from change? Life wasn’t meant to stay the same as we all have challenges. It’s about how we deal with the changes that makes us a better person.

Leave a comment below stating how you deal/cope with life changes!

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