Step 3: Curriculum

After you have decided whether or not to do an umbrella school or register with the county. It’s time to decide on a curriculum. There are so many curriculums out there though that it can be overwhelming. One thing you have to remember is that YOU know your child better than anyone. Don’t let what I say or others say about curriculum and think it will work or will not work for your child. The best part about homeschooling is that parents know their child best and therefore they can provide a customized way for them to learn.

I just want to note one more thing before moving on, there are other options besides umbrella school and registering with the county. It was kind of an “in between” topic of curriculum and getting registered. There are virtual schools and schools such as Abeka Academy that all you have to do with the county is say that you are enrolled in a private school. This page will explain each curriculum that I have knowledge of.

FLVS: Florida Virtual School

Before becoming a “traditional” homeschooler we did FLVS. It’s a great program for those who may not have the means financially to homeschool but still want to homeschool due to schedules. This is probably the next best thing to being in school. The curriculum though didn’t work for us even though we loved our teacher so much. That’s okay if something doesn’t work, you move on until you can find something that works.


Abeka Book/Abeka Academy 

This is what we are currently using for schooling. We have done both the parent-led and the videos. This can be pricey but it’s so worth the money, and it is a small price if you compare it with private school tuition. Private schools use Abeka as their main form of curriculum and the price of all the bells and whistles from Abeka equals out to being 1% of private school tuition for an entire year. So for us, this is totally worth it. Abeka Academy is the same price as the videos to being accredited so it doesn’t cost any extra money. We are planning on doing this next year so hopefully I can blog about that then!



Alpha Omega Publications 

We used Horizons and LifePacs our first year and they are fabulous. These are great for having students do their work independently. My child just needs more of a teacher/teaching environment so these didn’t work for us after the first year. I love the way their curriculum is laid out though. It is also very colorful and makes learning fun. They have other types of curriculum that is great for older students such as a computer based switched on school house, that is started in 3rd grade. Alpha Omega also has an academy program just like Abeka in where it’s an online accredited homeschool program.

My Father’s World

I have had several friends use MFW and they love it! We haven’t gone this route because it wasn’t a good fit for our family. Plus when I was going through all the different types of homeschool curriculum I kept going back to Abeka and AOP. But their set up is amazing and just like Abeka everything is laid out for you to read out to your child. During co-op we are using MFW and it is so much fun! Definitely a great fit for those with multiple ages as well.


I will continue to update this page as I come across some great curriculum. So stay tuned!