Homeschooling Resources

I did not plan on being a homeschooling mom… in fact I was counting down the days until I would be able to send my child to school and go to work. But things change, plans change, and well life changes. I had received a lot of advice from friends and family about homeschooling. This was before we started to homeschool and I was trying to get my ducks all in a row before jumping in. After lots of prayer I felt that this is where I was led to go. Fast Forward a few years and I am starting to get the hang of homeschooling. It’s nice not having to stress out about making school lunches, racing to the bus stop in the morning (we are not morning people), and deal with stressful mornings. Now we get up, sometimes get into our school uniforms (also known as PJ’s), have breakfast, enjoy each other’s company and then start our school day. We do have curriculum, do tests, but we also learn to apply what we learn in school in everyday life. To sharpen my daughter’s reading skills she reads recipes, she learns measurements (1/4 and 1/2, etc.) by measuring out the ingredients for the recipes. Everything is intertwined and she learns by doing not by being lectured. But that’s how she learns best it isn’t for everyone and I understand that. But it works best for us and that’s all that matters!

So with all that said if you want to start homeschooling I recommend checking out HSLDA ( for your state laws. State laws vary from state to state on homeschooling, this is a great resource. They were even so gracious to help me before I had paid for my membership when I had all sorts of questions about homeschooling. I bugged them with the most silly questions but they handled it with great professionalism and didn’t make me feel like a crazy person for asking those questions. They treat everyone with the utmost respect. Florida Parent Education Association (FPEA) has  valuable resources, discounts, magazines, and they put on one amazing annual conference! In the fall they put on a Special Needs Conference which was the first conference I had been to. It was a good opportunity for me to be not so overwhelmed like I was at the FPEA Convention that is held every May.

So to summarize with links to start your homeschooling journey:

HSLDA (legal advice and if the state questioned your homeschool records or anything similar they would go up to bat for you).

FPEA, Florida Parent Educator Association