Hiding Behind a Screen




We all are guilty of doing this at some point or another. Especially as moms we have a tendency to showcase on Social Media how perfect our lives are. We showcase the random flowers our significant other picked up for us at the store, but yet that was the only time flowers were ever picked up. We post a photo on our Instagram and it shows us doing Pinterest crafts with our kids. It looks to others that we have it all together. Social Media is about as deceitful as the devil himself. That picture of a perfect family on their way to church? Nope, there were a lot of retakes of that photo. There was also possibly a lot of arguing or bickering prior to that.  We don’t know the true stories behind each picture that we scroll through on social media.


To others looking on the outside in, it looks as if we are living the American Dream. We have a beautiful house, the minivan with the automatic doors, kids who are well-groomed and dressed, a mom who reminds you of June Cleaver, and the husband who goes to work everyday and comes home with a smile on his face wanting to play with the kids. It seems as if nothing in our lives is going wrong. We don’t want others to see the torment, pain, and heartbreak that is really going on behind closed doors.

What if….

What if we were real….

What if we were real and allowed others to see our vulnerabilities, our imperfections. Would our friends still be our friends? Would our family image be ruined? Why do we care so much about what people think anyways?

I think we are afraid that we will be lonely and that others may see us differently. They will see our struggles, pain, and our imperfections. They may judge us based on that and possibly not be friends anymore. But shouldn’t we all just be authentic with each other? I have told my struggles to some friends and they have told me their struggles. Sometimes our struggles can bring comfort to those who are suffering.

What if you reached out to your friend/sister/acquaintance and told them that no matter what they ever told you that you would still be there for them? That could (in some instances) be a life saving grace. I have read about domestic violence and experienced it. I can tell you that if one person was brave enough to say “I’ll be your friend regardless” that things may be different. It’s only after something drastic happens do we typically end up telling everything that has happened in our lives to a “safe” friend. But there are many women who aren’t as lucky. They are those who are battered and beaten. They are the ones who lie around in their own pool of blood. The dangers of putting on a perfect life on social media can be deadly to some. What if… What if those who are abused had a friend who they could trust? A friend who wouldn’t judge? A friend who was constantly there for them no matter what? Things could have a different outcome if they felt safe enough to text a friend.

Social Media has a lot of positives and is great when used in capacity. But showing off a fictitious life can be detrimental. Be authentic, show your bad days, good days, off days, crazy days, silly days, etc.

Remember it’s okay to show the real you and if you get unfriended because of it…then they weren’t a real friend to begin with.



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